Want to use QuickBase for your business?

QuickBase is a great collaboration platform - for businesses and organizations of all sizes: small, medium, even enterprise.

You could spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of QuickBase, but you'd rather focus on running and growing your business.   Tracking everything by Excel is no fun.

How do you get the most out of QuickBase?

We can help.

Xavier Fan Consulting is a certified  QuickBase Solution Provider, with over 9 years of QuickBase development experience.  

We will talk with you to understand your business, and then build QuickBase apps that fits exactly how you work.

Who we work with.

Our happy clients come from many different industries, with mission-critical needs for project management, sales reporting, asset tracking, and much more.

What they have in common is a desire to work smarter, not harder.  They know there's a better way.

We at Xavier Fan Consulting have helped them get there with QuickBase.

The work of Xavier Fan Consulting was beyond excellent in all aspects; communication, follow up, efficiency and overall execution. It was truly a pleasure to work with their firm.
— Rene Velazquez, CPA

How we work together.

We fully leverage the power of QuickBase as a cloud platform that is available everywhere.  We work quite effectively with remote clients through phone and email.  

1)  Understanding your business

Your QuickBase apps has to match how you work - your process, your data, your workflow.  

So the first step is to understand your business.  We look at your spreadsheets, your reports.  We ask questions and listen as you explain how everything fits together. 

2)  Rapid prototyping and iteration

Then it's time to get to work.  We believe in getting an initial working QuickBase app in front of you as quickly as possible.  You will see how we've incorporated the insights from our discussions into the prototype, and you can give feedback on the spot.  Then we can adjust and refine as we go.

Need additional functionality beyond the native QuickBase platform?  There are 3rd-party plugins such as Exact Forms Plus!), connectors to cloud apps through itDuzzit, and even direct API access.  We'll find the solution that's right for you.

Together, we'll move from how you currently work, to how you'd really like to work.  

The conversation shifts from "Ideally, it would be great if it did this..." to "OK - this will work really well."

3)  Rollout and beyond

Once the QuickBase apps are ready, we work with you to roll them out to your team.  We can help train your staff to take over the administration tasks, or we can continue to update and expand the apps as your business grows.  

Get started now.